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aisle  decor
Flowers in Love's aisle decor hire items can be used as complete designs, or as bases for new creations!  We have aisle markers to attach to chair/pew ends, aisle stakes for outdoor aisles, or aisle markers that create ground-level gorgeousness!
WHITE SPARKLE complete aisle hire
ECO BOXES aisle hire silk
Crystal Rose aisle
Diamond aisle drop hire
Brooch sphere hire
VINE DELIGHT aisle markers (18)
REGULAR mason jars (1)
QUILTED regular masons (2)
Pew end hire
Swarovski crystals and roses posy hire
CYLINDER feature vases (2)
Hanging Vase Hire aisle decor (12)
Crystal Rose
Black Sparkle aisle RED (1)
Black Sparkle aisle RED (5)
TIN aisle hire geraldton wedding (1)
DIAMOND DROP crystal hire
DIAMOND DROP aisle crystal hire