aisle  decor
These are the designs that draw the eye (and camera) down the aisle to the altar; where the first photos are taken by your family and friends as you arrive - and where your wedding style story unfolds. 

Flowers in Love's aisle decor hire items can be used as complete designs, or as bases for new creations!  We have aisle markers to attach to chair/pew ends, aisle stakes for outdoor aisles, or aisle markers that create ground-level gorgeousness! We are always up for custom designs, and we have loads of vases, mason jars and more to use as well

Here are a few of our most popular hire aisle designs
aisle stakes
BROOCH SPHERES aisle markers
aisle border boxes
ORCHID VASES aisle markers
GLOW candle holders
+ GOLD lantern frames
aisle markers/connectors
WOVEN aisle runner
LUSH gloss pots with florals
PETAL aisle border
BLISS white lanterns
SPICE XL lanterns (also available in S)
BLOOM pew markers
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