aisle  decor
These are the designs that draw the eye (and camera) down the aisle to the altar; where the first photos are taken by your family and friends as you arrive - and where your wedding style story unfolds. 

Here are a few of our most popular hire aisle designs - also see our ceremony gallery for more ideas
aisle stakes
brooch spheres
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Made with hundreds of new and vintage brooches (some of my favourite Sarah Coventry collection pieces are in these!), these unique sparkling spheres are a wonderful non-floral option to glam up your walk down the aisle.  Complete with luxurious satin ribbon and beaded tassels.
candle holders
A candle-lit aisle is the b.o.m.b!  Nothing tops the romantic ambience of candles. 
GLOW holders are available in a range of heights and widths, so you can mix-and-match or have uniform sizes, and you can then re-purpose your aisle for centrepieces at the reception!
Large cylinder vases with huge real-touch Phalaenopsis Orchids - elegant and timeless.  These make amazing aisle markers, brilliant in the Lush package or on their own.  Available DIY!
Cocoa lanterns available in XL (pictured) and small.  Great for candles, but can also be filled with an internal flower arrangement.
Medium sized white lanterns with filigree details. Great for candles, but can also be filled with an internal flower arrangement.
Add the Orchid Vases +  Petal border boxes together and you have WHITE aisle - dramatic and luxe, and a wonderful affordable way to bring a strong floral feel to your ceremony
These 1m long boxes (made from eco-friendly bamboo) filled with fluffy white blooms make a very expensive and luxurious looking aisle, without being in the way or blocking views.
aisle border boxes
Luxurious thick heavy woven aisle runners - perfect on the sand or in the bush.  Made from natural boucle hand spun jute.  Available lengths:

* 2m x2
* 4m x1
* Aisle rug x1 (150x220cm)
aisle runners
Luxe white florals in a glossy pot, not too tall so they are perfect for a short (50cm) pedestal or plinth at either side of the aisle entrance.
gloss egg pots
Versatile lengths of beaded crystals with heavy diamond pendants at each end - perfect for draping along the aisle chair edges, through overhanging tree branches etc.