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Flowers in Love has designed our own unique custom Backdrop System - this highly adaptable system allows you to choose from a huge range of standard or custom heights, widths, angles and finishes to suit your needs.  Indoors or out, single backdrop or multiple, let us provide the wow factor at your wedding or event.

Below are some of our popular backdrops, as well as custom designs.  Feel free to request something unique to suit your design needs!

backdrops  + draping
Crystal Backdrop
Choose from clear or purple crystals, in two styles.  Our backdrop system allows the crystals to be spaced as full or sparse as desired
Crystal backdrop
LMR Photography
Crystal backdrop
Crystal backdrop
Crystal backdrop
LMR photography
HIRE CRYSTAN CURTAIN 3m ceremony (6)
purple also available
Covering the frame in natural willow creates the perfect base for a gorgeous rustic backdrop that looks like it grew in place!  Each design is unique to suit our clients, here are a few we have made:
Rustic backdrops
Miranda Gregory Photography
Custom backdrop
Custom backdrop
Custom backdrop
Custom backdrop
Kaylie Will nukara (10)
rustic backdrop with draping flowers
willow frame backdrop ceremony (2)
Create a world within each table using Flowers in Love's backdrop system!  Here We used our system to create table frames that also contained our vintage lighting, so each table had both flowers and lighting overhead
Table frames
LMR photography
LMR photography
LMR Photography
Canopy with draping and chandelier
LMR Photography
Arbor with fresh flowers
Arbor with chandelier
Canopy with LuSH florals
Arbor ceremony
OASIS arbor
2m flower wall for hire (1)
4m total
QEII flower wall 6m
4m flower and forest wall QEII
FW candy bar cylinder (3)
FW candy bar cylinder (5)
Instead of being one set size, our flower wall is handmade to ensure top quality, realistic blooms, as well as being useable in our backdrop system.  Our flower wall is available to hire in increments of 1 metre widths, and can be used alone or combined with lengths of draping or Forest Backdrop (below) to create a design that works for your budget and style.  Here are some examples of use:
Flower Wall
Forest Backdrop
Bring the outdoors in with our Forest backdrop.  Lush greenery that can be used alone for a semi-solid background block or with black draping behind for a solid wall of green.  Fabulous for behind candy bars or cake tables, and can be made in any length and combined with fresh or silk flowers, flower wall sections or draping.
FOREST backdrop (2)
FOREST backdrop (4)
forest backdrop in custom design
Bridal shower backdrop
FOREST reception bridal table (14)
FOREST backdrop (12)
candy bar full
12m POSH
Stefanie Muller Photography
6m white LED backdrop +  fresh garland
9m backdrop
White bridal table backdrop
STARLIGHT backdrop gold draping
Lilac draping and tinted lights
custom color draping and lighting
White crystal backdrop hire
white backdrop
custom backdrop
Crystal bridal backdorp
Classic backdrop
Yes, we can do standard white backdrops!  Available in heights of 2m or 2.4m and in lengths of up to 21 metres, you can also choose from black or white draping, many coloured fabric borders, LED (white or tinted) or fairy lighting, and add anything from crystals to garlands to flowers to chandeliers!
Canopies and arbours
Adding corner pieces means we can also offer arbors (4 legs with narrow sides) and canopies (4 legs with wider walls so the celebrant, Bride and Groom can all stand within) for your ceremony - this also allows a support beam that can hold any of our chandeliers - powered or decorative - or other ceiling suspensions.
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