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Flowers in Love offers both a collection of designed backdrops, or the option of requesting custom backdrops or specialized draping to suit your venue - whether it be the inside of a gazebo or outside in the open, we can make sure your altar area is the visual feature of your ceremony design, and will look magical in your treasured photos!

If you would like a brochure posted to you, please ask.

Here are a few backdrop and draping designs created so far for our clients:

To book any of these backdrops for your event,
please contact Flowers in Love to inquire about availability for your date
or to have a brochure posted to you.
LMR Photography
CB3 Photo: Luxe & Fox
CB5 Photo: Shaun Rose
CB13 Gazebo draping
CB9 Photo: Miranda Gregory
Nukara PHOTO: Flowers in Love
CB8 Photo: Stefanie Muller Photography
CB7 Photo: Luxe & Foc
CB10 Photo:Amanda Keating
CB4 Photo: Luxe & Fox
Olli Samson Photography (63)
LUSH backdrop hire
EM backdrop
LMR Photography
FOREST backdrop (2)
FOREST backdrop (12)
RB5 PHOTO: Luxe + Fox Photography
RB2 Tinted backdrop lighting
RB3 PHOTO: Stefanie Muller Photography
RB4 PHOTO: Stefanie Muller Photography
RB6 LED Lighting + colour draping
RB7 Crystal cake table backdrop
RB8 LED lighting
RB9 Crystal Backdrop
Green Forest backdrop - can be left semi-transparent or have black curtain behind
SP reception backdrop (26)
Green Forest backdrop
FOREST backdrop
backdrops  + draping
From standard white lit backdrops, Flowers in Love can adapt our special backdrop system to meet your needs - whether it is a corner setup, tinted lighting, crystals, coloured draping, or even black curtains - we also have both LED lighting (so the curtain glows without obvious light source) or starlight fairy lights.  We also offer unique greenery or floral backdrops, for the ultimate lush photos at your reception - forest backdrop (green) is available in pretty much any size you need, so why not match your bridal table, cake table and photo booth to give the whole room an outdoor feel!
see below for reception