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Lighting can make the world of difference to weddings - not only making sure your gorgeous flowers don't get lost once the sun goes down; but also adding ambience to the tables, drawing guests eyes to the features of the room, and can be a great way to bring through your colour palette! 

Flowers in Love stocks the best in modern florist lighting, as well as statement decor lights like our chandeliers and pendants - see below for some ideas:
Crystal tree hire - pot lights up + candles around
LED backdrop lighting tinted mauve
Centrepieces with florist lighting inside vase
Submersed lighting - one half white, one half red
submersed lighting
Giant LED candle hire
Giant LED candle hire
submersed lighting
Under vase lighting with support for larger or heavier centrepieces
under vase lighting
candles and lights
Floating lily lights
submersed lighting
under vase lighting (lights up the flowers)
Crystal tree lighting
Pedestals lit within, and crystal trees lit within pot
flameless candles
Tiny lights hidden within arrangement
Bride and Groom names - lights hidden within flowers
Under vase lighting
Flowers lit from within arrangement
submersed lighting
Colored lighting
submersed lighting
Cordless spotlight
Under vase lighting
Cordless wall wash
Cordless wall wash LED