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Covered Pedestals
Available in 70cm or 90cm heights, with a huge range of cover options to suit your colours and style.  Prices from $25
---------- PEDESTAL AND URN SETS ----------
Pedestals are 50cm high, Urns are 50cm high. 
Black or ivory available

Mirror Pedestals
---------- STUNNING MODERN DESIGN ----------
Striking with any floral style.  Available in:

20cm height
30cm height
70cm height
100cm height
Large White
---------- MIRROR OR GLASS TOP  ----------
Standing at 1m in height, use for dramatic displays.  4 available, $30 each to hire.
Cream urn + pedesal $40 set
Glass Top Pedestal Hire
Custom Mirror Topped pedestals
Glass Top Pedestals
Mirror Pedestal hire
Vintage Compote Bowl
---------- SIMPLE + CLASSY ----------
Glass Urns
Stunning large glass footed bowls, ready to add flowers for a huge impact!

4 available, $20 each
Cut glass vintage style feature vases, creating lovely inviting florals on pedestals, especially inside (churches etc) where you don't need anything too tall.

2 Available, $20 each hire + flowers POA
Crystal Compote
---------- ELEGANT FOOTED FEATURE BOWLS ----------
Glass Top Pedestals
---------- CLEAN AND CLASSIC ----------
90cm height, white with clear glass top. 
2 available, $25 each
pedestals + urns
Prices not inc. GST
HB oasis package (27) (600 x 423)
Solid wood pedestals that tolerate Geraldton's windy conditions with ease!  Available in two sizes
Whitewashed Pedestals
---------- BEACHY/RUSTIC STYLING ----------
Wine Crates
---------- BEACHY/RUSTIC STYLING ----------
---------- BEACHY/RUSTIC STYLING ----------
INQUIRE NOW to hire these for your event
---------- CLASSIC/BRASS STYLING ----------
gold urns
$20 each